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Nate Macauley is a Senior at Bayview High, and one of The Bayview Four. He is on probation for selling drugs at the start of the book, which gives him a poor reputation in the press. He's Australian.

Physical Appearance[]

Nate has a tall, rangy build. He has wide-set dark blue eyes that are fringed with lashes and black hair. In the book he is always wearing his leather jacket. He also sometimes wears a Guinness T-Shirt.



His mom, Ellen Macauley, was bipolar and didn't take her meds very often. His earliest memory of his mom was her dropping a plate, then sitting on the floor in the middle of the pieces, and crying her eyes out. After a couple of years, Ellen went off her meds and started doing drugs. When Nate was 11, she took off and didn't come back until he was 14. She then left again and came back when Nate was 17. By the end of the first book, she is living with Nate again.

Nates Father is an alcoholic who can't support him much, at the end of the book Mr. Macauley tries out rehab again.

One Of Us Is Next[]

He does not like Jules in One Of Us Is Next.