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Nate Macauley is a senior at Bayview High, and accused of the murder of Simon Kelleher. He is on probation for selling drugs at the start of the book, which gives him a poor reputation in the press.

Physical Appearance[]

Nate is described as having a tall, rangy build. He has wide-set dark blue eyes that are fringed with lashes and black hair. In the book he's always wearing his leather jacket.


Nate is a complex character in “One of Us Is Lying”. He is described as a popular and charismatic student, but he also exhibits manipulative and controlling behavior. Nate has a strong personality and often gets his own way, even if it is at the expense of others. He is intelligent and strategic, but also self-centered and ruthless. His relationship with the other main characters is characterized by tension and conflict, as he often puts his own interests above those of the group. Overall, Nate is a fascinating character who possesses both positive and negative traits.



His mom, Ellen Macauley, was bipolar and didn't take her meds very often. His earliest memory of his mom was her dropping a plate, then sitting on the floor in the middle of the pieces, and crying her eyes out. After a couple of years, Ellen went off her medication and started taking drugs. When Nate was 11, she took off and didn't come back until he was 14. She then left again and came back when Nate was 17. By the end of the first book, she is living with Nate again.

Nate's father is an alcoholic who can't support him much and is blackoit drunk most evenings, not caring to clean up the messes he made nor even be aware of Nate around him. At the end of the book, Mr. Macauley tries out rehab again. His father doesn't earn money and recievses money through social care.


In the middle of the book "One of Us Is Lying", Nate starts to be interested in Bronwyn, helping her with escaping from the press and taking her on rides with his motorcycle. He also gifts Bronwyn a new untrackable cell phone, so they can still chat without the police or the press noticing. They often have late night calls. One day, they go to Marshall`s Peak together. When Bronwyn promises Nate never to murder him, he kisses her for the first time. They now meet more frequently and get together. After Nate gets out of Prison he breaks up with Bronwyn. He says they should have seperate lives now that the investigation is over. In the epilogue, however, three months later, Nate visits Bronwyn at her piano audition and asks her to go out once again, leaving us with a cliffhanger for Book 2 of the series.

Nate Macauley in One of Us Is Next[]

You don't break the rules, but you look the other way when someone else does. He does not like Jules in One of Us is Next.


Character Analysis[]

Nate Macauley is a generally closed up character, He doesn't quite like talking about himself. He is reserved and likes to handle his problems on his own, Since his parents are divorced and are barely there in his life to support him in his struggles, he takes things into his own hands as he is sure that he can solve them himself. As it is shown with his drug-dealing or his active response to Simons death, as he was the only one who reacted trying to help him. He is quick minded and way smarter then he thinks he is.

He can't accept help from anyone and distances himself once it gets offered. He is extremely annyoed by his probation surveillance. Since she is the only really present adult figur in his life he feels surpressed and constantly reminded of his miserable life.

He is really aware of his bad situation and feels emberassed about it as it is shown once Bronwyn visits him.

He also has a lizard that he treasures a lot. He cares for it which seems to give him a ground under his feet to prevent him from lashing out or losing it.Because, no matter how much he seem to hold up against the abuse his parents force him to go through he is still burdened a lot, which shows and explains how he develops further on in the story

Personality and Character Development[]

Nate's character doesn't really change over the course of the story. He's an outsider right from the start and is called a scapegoat even during the police negotiations because of his difficult family situation.During the story you get to know Nate's problems in a little more detail, but not in much detail.Because of the situation, Nate opens up on Bronwyn about his feelings for her and is accepted into the Bayview Four's friend group. He also stops dealing drugs.