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Maeve Rojas is Bronwyn Rojas' younger sister. She is 17 and attends Bayview High, the same school her sister went in the Template:One Of Us Is Lying. She had leukemia when she was younger, affecting her attendance in school as she was usually in and out of hospital wards, which is why people at school called her “Sick girl”. She has called herself the "slacker" of the Rojas family. Maeve successfully hacked the Tumblr and found the 4chan threads that linked to Simon Kelleher's online presence in the first book, allowing the Bayview Four (Addy, Bronwyn, Nate and Cooper) to get new information about the case.

She dated Knox Myers from her Ophelia play but they broke up soon after, due to them not feeling any sort of romantic attraction towards each other and were better off as friends. The breakup was talked about on one of the Simon's copy-cat websites, but Maeve wasn’t bothered by it because she and Knox had a non-dramatic breakup and are still friends.

During the summer after the events of One Of Us Is Next, she goes on a volunteer trip to Peru with Addy for two months.

When Maeve found out about an old blog that Simon posted of her, she was very upset and felt hurt because she thought they were friends but she sucked it up and got over it.