One of us is lying Wiki

Cooper Clay is a seventeen-year-old male and one of the Bayview Four (the jock, as said by Simon Kelleher. He is shown to be kind, caring and charismatic. He plays baseball, and not only is this sport very meaningful to Cooper and his dad, but he is also exceptional at it, so his goal is to get a scholarship for it.

At first, it is thought that his secret is that he takes steroids to enhance his sports performances, however this is not the case at all. Jake Riordan had asked Simon Kelleher to change the secret to something untrue, due to not wanting people to know he has a gay friend. His real secret is that he is gay and is in a relationship with a German underwear model called Kris.

He was initially shy and scared of people judging him when he was out with Kris, and kept his distance.


Cooper has neatly cropped sandy hair.